We’re all getting older. We’re growing up. Some of us are further along than others but we are all growing up. Let’s make sure that as we grow up, we remember the things that made the Holidays special when we were kids. Let’s not lose our sense of wonder, anticipation and joy. Today I ask, do you remember Christmas?


– Remember how the month before Christmas seemed to take FOREVER to go by but the day before Christmas break flew by so fast you’d miss it if you blinked?

– Remember walking through the stores at Christmastime and seeing all of the big trees? They towered so high you almost couldn’t see the tops of them.

– Remember the joys of making/finding gifts for mom and dad or brother and sister? Anticipating their joy at opening the gift you so lovingly wrapped for them?

– Remember being so excited about giving a gift to someone you loved that you couldn’t help but tell them what you got for them even though they probably wanted to be surprised? Maybe that’s just me.

– Remember curling up with your mom or dad on the couch and watching A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life until you fell asleep? Then you woke up and watched it again because it was playing continuously?

– Remember going sledding with your cousins or neighbors in the snow until after dark and your mom made you go back inside?

– Remember the pile of wet, stinky snow clothes you would leave in the entryway to your house as you ran to the table for hot chocolate and cookies?

– Remember how the Christmas eve service at church was the shortest service of the year in time but the longest in perception?

– Remember trying to go to sleep on Christmas eve? Yea, that never happened.

– Remember waking up on Christmas morning and being surprised that you had fallen asleep?

– Remember the joys and smells of Christmas breakfast and coffee?

– Remember sitting on the floor and spending time with your family laughing and playing with the new gifts you gave and received?

– Remember sharing life with those you loved and those who loved you?


This season, let’s remember some of these good times and do our best to bring them to someone else who needs to remember Christmas.