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For the week of: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jephthah’s rather flawed rule (sacrificed daughter, civil war with Ephraim) points to the downward spiral of the Age of Heroes. This leads us to the final Judge… Samson. He is a dichotomy—great triumph and great failure all in one man.

Samson’s story is one that shows God’s forgiveness and justice. He uses Samson despite all of his failings. Though Samson made many mistakes, he still accomplished many things and in the end saw the error of his ways. What can we learn from his turnaround? What can we learn about the consequences of our actions even after we have repented?

Sadly, Samson is the final recorded Judge. After all that God has done throughout the Age of Heroes, Israel continued to fall away. Their story is a cautionary tale, but it is more than that. Despite everything that Israel did to defy God, He continually answered their cries for help. He didn’t have to. He had already given Israel more chances than they deserved. What does His love and mercy throughout the Age of Heroes teach us about our relationship with Jesus?

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