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For the week of: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In the period between Jair and Jephthah we see a change in Israel’s rebellion against God. Not only do they allow the worship of other gods to creep into their way of life, they completely turn their backs on Him. It’s easy to look at Israel’s roller coaster faith and judge them, but how do we do this in our relationship with Jesus?

Jephthah was an interesting case. Though he was a great warrior, he came from a rather unflattering family. He was a cast-off, rejected by his family. He led a band of worthless rebels (surrounded himself with men of ill-repute). At the start Jephthah’s motivation for leading God’s people is selfish. He wasn’t mentioned as specifically being chosen by God? What changes? How/why does God use him? We will answer these questions and more this week at Elevate!

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